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Artworking and design

I worked for The&Partnership on their Toyota account in the Summer 2018 as an artworking and design intern. I worked on numerous projects, including brand identity and artworking for the 'Supra A90' campaigns, branding for the Supra 900 club and some direct comms executions too. 

Supra A90

When I started on the account, the agency had created the wrap for the release of the new Supra A90 - Toyota's high end sports model. The triangular geometric pattern of the wrap informed the design of many of these projects I worked on. 


The first project I was assigned to was to assist the senior designer with creating artwork for the Supra A90 unveiling event. The display featured in the background of the event image required illustrations of key figures connected with the car model. Using the geometric wrap to inform the design I worked up these illustrations. 

Supra_Event-Image copy.jpg

Supra 900 Club

The first 900 units ordered of the Supra model would include membership to an exclusive club, with access to exclusive content, rewards and experiences in the build-up to delivery.


The agency was briefed with developing a brand identity for this exclusive club, called the Supra 900 club. Here is the execution I developed for the club, one of two presented to the client. Using a modern interpretation of the laurel leaf to convey the impression of winning and the racing heritage of the car model. 

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